Posted by: petemangurian | October 1, 2012

A Letter To Our Fans

A Letter To Our Fans:

The highlight to last Saturday’s game versus Princeton was YOU. You came, you yelled and you were into it – don’t quit now. Don’t be haunted by those people who live in the negative, have all the reasons why it can’t be done, isn’t being done and has never been done. Don’t allow their voices to be louder than yours. There will be growing pains.  There are a lot more issues here than dropped passes and missed tackles. You guys be the constant.  You guys keep coming, keep screaming, keep painting yourself blue (that was awesome), and keep expecting more from us.  We will deliver and you are helping. The “ghosts” out there tell me you won’t come.  I believe they are wrong.  I’ve seen it in person and it was great.

The day is approaching where everyone will want to be a part of what we are doing. As crazy as it sounds, we need your help more now than we will then. Our seniors will not be here to realize the full reward of their work, but they are a huge part of this effort. Some of you may not be around to see it all come together, but rest assured your presence is instrumental in these efforts. Keep coming to the games.  Keep screaming.  Have fun and be a part of our efforts.

We are all in this together.  Our players need to learn to not only play for their teammates, but to play for Columbia, and that’s you.

See you at Dartmouth!

Coach M

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  1. Timely request coach. I saw the excitement of CU fans and students on Saturday in anticipation of the game. I also saw these same fans walk out of the stadium during the 4th quarter. I was thinking the samething, “don”t give up on these players, on this team. Come back next game, your support is vital.” I know I will be back on October 20, with several family members in tow.

    It was not the expected performance from the Lions, but it is not the defining performance either. Good teams can play a bad game. What defines a team is how they play the remainder of their games.

  2. We’re going to be with you 100% of the way coach.
    Best wishes for improvement and success !

  3. You’re our man coach, and you lead our team. We will be there.

  4. We all know the product on the field is improving under your tutelage (negative ghosts notwithstanding). The weather has been great (unlike last year – snow in October in NYC?!) The subways are no longer under construction (like the last two years) The gameday experience is better than I’ve ever seen and fun for all ages (especially if you like free beer in the picnic area). The barbed wire fences around Baker have been replaced with new landscaping (greatly pleasing the neighbors). The Campbell Center is coming on fast…

    It should be a golden age for CU football fans.

    And yet the attendance so far this year at Baker has been utterly atrocious. Attendance is in decline at many Ivy stadia for that matter (Princeton has especially dropped) but I’m deeply concerned. Homecoming will top 10,000 as always but what can be done to get 8,000 for the other games instead of 4,000? A bigger crowd would be a big help in cheering on those red zone plays…

  5. Congratulations on a season which, although ending with a tough loss, featured some great moments which must make you proud. We tripled our wins and, except for Harvard, were competitive every game. Best wishes for a productive off season. Already looking forward to the 2013 season!

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