Posted by: petemangurian | April 12, 2012

“Good but not enough”, New LIONS!

Wednesday April 11th was the best practice of the spring , so far. Now that we have taken a step, the challenge will be to see if we can continue to grow and be consistent. As will always be the case, “good, but not enough”.

New Lions in the club:Mathew Cahal CB, Eric Kuklinski OL, Trevor Bell WR-KR, Marshall Markham OL, “Toba” Akileye DE, Austin Stock OL, Chris Conners WR, Michael Zunica FB,Brandon Blackshear CB, Keith Ramljak OL, Isaiah Gross WR, Max Keefe LB, Andrew Dobitsch WR, Daren Napier DT, Mike Gerst RB, JD Hurt DL, Billy Lawrence OL, Travis Reim CB. Eighteen new Lions, our guys, who know exactly what they are getting into ,and what is expected. Veterans, leave your baggage outside the door on August 18th, we are moving on.


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