Posted by: petemangurian | February 12, 2013

Offseason 2013


We were lucky to have Kevin Lempa on our staff. To be honest, had Kevin been at the level of football he belongs in, we wouldn’t have gotten him last year.

It was inevitable that he would get a better opportunity. It was just a matter of when. I wanted two years, but it was Boston College that came looking, a place that Kevin had been twice before, and a place that was closer to his family.

If it had not been Boston College, I don’t think he would have left.

Coaches move up when they can. I’m not afraid to hire the best people available just because I know they might not stay forever. As our staff develops, these issues will all be answered from within.

We have a system, our players know it, and we will continue to use it. Whomever we hire will put his mark on our team within that structure.


The most important recruiting meeting of the year is the one right after the season, when you evaluate your current players. If you are not realistic and objective about what you have, you don’t know what you need.

We feel we have created competition at every position.

This won’t be over until March 1st.

We are not allowed to talk about specific recruits, so no one involved in our side of the process does.

Certain positions can play sooner than others. Player development is part of the process.

Next year our team will be different, and so will our needs. We can target certain positions, but this is not an exact science. Things will change as the season progresses.

We have standards and they elevate as our team gets better. We have a system.

As usual, there are always things we can evaluate and improve. We have started that process already, and have begun on next year’s class.


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