Posted by: petemangurian | February 28, 2013

Fundamentals: Experience, Work Ethic, Communicator

Our team got better today. Chris Rippon brings tremendous experience and new ideas. Coaches are just like everyone else, the more stable and organized the environment, the better they do. Chris has an extensive backround in a program that in many ways is consistent with how we operate here and now. Our philosophies are similar, our teaching priorities are similar and our work ethics are similar. Chris will not only fit in, but will reinforce our message to the players. We will accept nothing but our best from each other, and every decision will be based upon what is best for the team.

Our entire defensive staff met together today. We have about six weeks until spring ball starts. We will keep our call system the same. Chris will adjust. We will evaluate and implement new ideas, but we will do so using the “language” that our players understand.

Change is part of football, it happens every year. Our players have continued to work through this period of change. It wasn’t their job to adjust and fix it, it was mine. Now we move forward, learn from the past, improve what worked and fix what didn’t. No flinching. Moving on.


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