Posted by: petemangurian | March 25, 2013

A Note to Our Fans

A note to our fans:

We will never be satisfied.

Our players whole-heartedly buy into the philosophy of “good, but not enough”. At an early weight session a couple of weeks ago, an unknown player wrote on the board in the weight room, “good enough isn’t good enough any more”.

I have heard the concerns that we don’t promote the program enough. I understand that you want to know more. What you hear and read is the message that we want to send. Remember, our players and recruits read too. My interests, loyalties and responsibilities rest with our players and recruits.

While I appreciate your enthusiasm and want for information about our program, I have no desire to write scouting reports for our competitors. That in mind, your interest in “why” we do some of the things we do, can and will not always be answered. There are facts and information that go into making each decision that I feel may be inappropriate to let you know about for various reasons. In this regard, the decisions that are made based on what you know, may be hard to understand. 

We make objective evaluations of our team and our program. None of these evaluations are based on hearsay, scouting services or second hand information. We watch, we listen, and we communicate. Our players believe in what they are doing; they get it, they are living it, we are doing our job, they are doing theirs.

As I mentioned when I arrived at Columbia, we will no longer address the issues of the past.  This program is one year old. Team #122 was our first, we live with the results, we continue to watch and re-live the good, the bad and the ugly. We will learn from it, we already have. Team #123 is bigger, stronger and faster. There are incoming players who may help. Not one single person or player will get us where we want to go, not one single person or player got us where we are. We are not emotionally invested in anything before team #122.

I believe that we will win, and soon. There is no “four-year plan”, there is a “win every game, every year, plan” that is reevaluated and refined before during and after every season. Team #123 and I will ultimately be judged by how many games we win. I’m all for that accountability, that is the way it should be. Every season is different, every team is different, every year the competition is different. What you can be sure of is that we have our plan, it is built for our program, and we are executing it.


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